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How do I log in to the ISKaM application?
You can log in to the ISKaM system by entering your TBU username and password that you use when logging to the STAG information system. You will be assigned a username and a password upon enrolment, nevertheless, it will take a few days until the Student Affairs Officers enter the data into the database. Only then will you be able to log in to the ISKaM system.

What should I do when I forget my password to the ISKaM system?
Since it is the very same password that you use to log in to the vitally important STAG information system, we recommend that you should never forget it. Anyway, when it happens, you can generate a new password on the homepage of the STAG information system.

I haven’t been assigned a bed in the Halls of Residence yet. What am I supposed to do?
Check the status of your application in the ISKaM system; beds can become available in the course of the academic year as well.

After what period of time can I check in the ISKaM system whether my deposit has been successfully transferred to your account?
It usually takes 4 – 6 days for the deposit to be transferred from the bank and credited to our account.

Please do not send the payment confirmation and do not write queries that the obligatory deposit had already arrived. You can see the obligatory deposit status and the subsequent allocation of the rooms in the ISKaM system after login in the menu Accounts and menu Accommodations List.

If the deposit fails to appear in the accommodation system within 6 days of the payment, please contact our Financial Manager at the e-mail address.

Will you refund my deposit if I decide not to get accommodation in the University Hall of Residence?
If you apply for the deposit refund in advance, we will be pleased to refund the full amount of the deposit to your bank account held in the Czech Republic. You just need to fill in the account number in ISKAM and complete the Request for a Refund of the Deposit and send it to e-mail of our Accommodation Officer. Another option is to collect the deposit in the office of one of our Accommodation Officers.
Please refer to the Deposit Refund Policy where you can learn the relevant deadlines for applying for a deposit refund.

What will happen to the refund if I do not move in on the set date?
We regret to inform you that if you fail to move in on the set date or fail to contact us in advance to arrange a different move in date, we will not be able to refund your deposit.
Please refer to the Deposit Refund Policy where you can get more detailed information regarding deposits.

May I apply for accommodation in the Halls of Residence after the collective moving in during September, for example, if the enrolment for the degree course I have been admitted to is scheduled for a later date?
Of course, you can submit the application later than on the dates specified in the section Information on Accommodation. All you need to do then is just check the status of your application in the ISKaM system and wait until we manage to find an available bed for you.

How come that money for the rent keep being deducted from my account, although I no longer live in the Residence Hall?
You have probably issued a monthly payment order on your bank account for the money for the rent to be transferred every month and you forgot to cancel the order. Or you might have left the housing prematurely and failed to inform your Accommodation Officer about this fact.

Where can I obtain the document confirming that I have covered all liabilities to the HRR?
Complete the document and have it confirmed by your favourite Accommodation Officer.

Do I have send the obligatory deposit for accommodation in CZK?
No. The mandatory deposit can be sent in EUR. But you must be careful to ensure that the target amount is not reduced due to currency conversion or to bank charges.

If you sent more than, this overpayment will be kept in your account in the ISKaM system and will be used to payment for the accommodation.

Can I pay the mandatory deposit via a credit card?
Yes. Apart from the bank transfer a credit card payment via the payment gateway in the ISKaM system is possible. Payment via a credit card after login to the ISKaM system: the menu Accounts – Main account – Charge.

Can I choose a Residence Hall or a room where I will be accommodated?
The choice of TBU Residence Halls on the waiting list has only informative character. Students are not allowed to choose a room in the TBU Residence Halls due to capacity and organizational reasons.

Do I have fill in the “Account” field in applications for accommodation?
No, this field is not required. The student shall pay the proportional amount of the charge for accommodation for the current month in cash no later than upon arrival in the Residence Hall. In the following months, the resident is required to pay a monthly charge for accommodation, i.e. rent (= from the first to the last day of the current month) for the accommodation and related services by direct debit payment debited from his/her own bank account held in the Czech Republic and credited to the HRR account.

Can you send me a confirmation of accommodation for visa processing?
No. HRR do not send any confirmation of accommodation.

I have not received visa, I can not arrive on time. Can I change booked reservation dates, which I had filled in application for accommodation?
Booked reservation dates which you filled into the application for accommodation depend on your decisions and choices. These entered booked reservation dates can not be changed later. When you are filling in application for accommodation be consistent. If you can not arrive on time of your booked reservation, follow the rules for accommodation.

I submitted application for accommodation in the ISKaM system to wrong waiting list. Can I submit new application for accommodation?
No. You have to request to cancel application for accommodation in wrong waiting list via e-mail at the first. Then you can submit new application for accommodation in the ISKaM system to correct waiting list.

What will happen if I do not fill in correct personal data at registration in the ISKaM system?
You have to correct the data at the study department at relevant faculty. Then the accommodation contract will be issued.

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