Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Accommodation process

International Students

No matter whether you are a member of the Buddy System Zlin and help find accommodation for international students, or you arrive in Zlín with the intention of studying at TBU within the Erasmus programme or another educational programme – our information on accommodation in the TBU Halls of Residence for international students might come in handy.

Submission of applications for accommodation
Applications for accommodation in the TBU Residence Halls shall be submitted in electronic form in the ISKaM system (= Information System of Halls of Residence and Refectory), to which you log in by entering the same username and password that you use when logging in to the STAG (Information System for Studies Administration) system. In the event that you have not been assigned login data to access the TBU portal yet, please register directly in the ISKaM system, and only afterwards use your newly created profile to fill in and submit your application for accommodation.

Payment of deposit
Have you submitted your application for accommodation? Well done, you’re on the right track! Now you just have to confirm the accommodation booking by paying the deposit(See the rules for the academic year). As soon as the deposit is credited to the HRR bank account, we will be sure that you are really interested in getting accommodation in our Halls and we will start arranging for your accommodation.

The deposit may be paid in three ways:

  • Via direct transfer – please transfer the money from your account to the account No. 107-7297170247/0100. Use your variable symbol (VS) as the variable code. Students who have registered in the ISKaM system = Number generated after the registration in the ISKaM system.
  •  In cash to your Accommodation Officer, if you have already arrived in Zlín.
  • Payment gateway in the ISKaM application.

Processing of the application
Once you have submitted your application and paid the deposit, please check the status of your application in the ISKaM system to see whether you have been assigned a room.
Should you change your mind and not be interested in the accommodation in our Halls of Residence, please contact us at the e-mail address:, so that we can cancel your booking and return your deposit. Please attach a Request for a Refund of the Deposit to your e-mail message. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can refund the whole amount of the deposit to you. For more information refer to the Deposit Refund Policy.

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